Current Positions

Do you enjoy the outdoors, gardening and general property duties?

General property maintenance and gardening.

Trishaw Cyclist

Take the residents of Ashwood Park for an outing on the Trishaw (tricycle rickshaw). Trishaw is power assisted. Training and route map provided.

Walking Companion

Accompany Ashwood Park residents on walks. Walks can vary in length from just around the garden to around the block

Visitor for Groups / Helping with shopping

Visit residents and socialise or engage in activities together, enjoy cups of tea together, or assist our residents with their shopping

Musical Entertainer

Play music for or with the residents of Ashwood Park Retirement Village. Any instrument and ability level

After School Drivers

Drive the OSCAR vans after school to pick up and drop off children for the OSCAR programs.


Research and write stories about volunteers - half a day once a fortnight at times to suit you!

Membership Support

Help build, strengthen, and foster strong relationships with Volunteer Marlborough's member organisations

Promotional Assistant (Poster Delivery)

Deliver posters to businesses and organisations around Marlborough (primarily Blenheim and Picton). Flexible timing; you choose when!

Promotional Assistant (Flyer Delivery)

Deliver flyers (advertising Volunteer Marlborough) to mail boxes, following a pre-set route. Any locations. FLEXIBLE timing!