Speedway Helpers

Blenheim, Renwick
Eastern States Speedway

Have you wanted to be part of the Eastern States Speedway team? Now is your chance!

There are a few roles that we are needing help with; there is something to suit everyone.

Lap Scorer: This job requires someone to help write down peoples race number in order as they cross the finish line for each lap.

Security: We are needing someone to be diligent in ensuring the general public aren't accessing the areas where they aren't meant to be.

Office Staff:
Take the floats and required paperwork and get them ready for gate staff to pick up
Collect and collate vehicle checking cards
Enter ELS data in the system
Enter competitors in the points spreadsheet
Give out radios and volunteer equipment
Print race orders
Receive lapscoring results after each race and check them to make sure manual and ELS are the same
Put a copy on the results board
Enter race results in spreadsheet
Collect gate money when it comes back in and put it aside for treasurer with any paperwork
Complete gate rec sheet with till receipt details and EFTPOS receipt details or just made sure they were attached to sheet
Notify reps of any ties on points
Query any variances in results with officials
Get radios and equipment back into correct place when volunteers return them

Our race calendar is as follows:
October 29th Opening night
November 13th
November 18th
November 26th
December 18th
January 6th
January 7th
January 20th
February 25th
March 5th
April 15th

These are Friday and Sunday races.

All our volunteers receive free entry into the track


We would appreciate you being able to help with any of the meeting/ race dates

Time commitment:

Sunday races start at 2pm, Friday races start start at 7pm. A normal race night is usually from about 4pm to 10pm. We normally require you for 6 hour blocks.

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

Ref: 1335

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