Volunteer Marlborough works with experienced trainers and facilitators, both national and international, to provide a range of training opportunities identified as required professional development to help community organisations ensure they are using best practice principles in volunteer management. If you are working with volunteers in any organisation, you will benefit by attending our workshops!

Managing a team of volunteers is very different to managing paid staff, and it is vital to know the difference. The success of many organisations in our community is reliant on maintaining a team of well selected, orientated, trained and supported volunteers.

Our workshops will help you and your volunteers get the best experience out of their decision to volunteer - improving retention and satisfaction.

Our current training workshops can be found here:


"The presentation and coaching was absolutely fantastic and has left a lasting impression. We had three of our Elders and two members of our Management Team attend and all have commented on the training's usefulness, applicability, and relevance."

"What a hands on and relevant workshop! The information provided was professionally and appropriately delivered and it was great to interact and network with people from other organisations. "

"I have no doubt that this training will prove to be invaluable as we seek to discern the plan for our church and having something like this available to assist that is provided locally is such a blessing."

"Stimulating and thought provoking workshops. It is great to now be able to understand the options and the practicality of everything as it applies to our world."