About Us

About Us

Volunteer Marlborough was established in 2009 and has two main objectives. We are an independent Volunteer Centre committed to promoting volunteerism and to assisting the people of Marlborough to find opportunities to become involved as volunteers. We do this by matching volunteers with the organisations where they will have the greatest impact, enjoyment and sense of contribution.

We also work within the community to strengthen the sector through advocacy, support, and training.


  • A community that values volunteering as an integral part of a thriving society


  • Supporting and connecting the people and organisations of Marlborough through volunteering


  • EMPOWERMENT: To inspire and enable people to connect and contribute within their communities
  • COLLABORATION: To work with community partners and organisations to promote, value, and support effective volunteering
  • INCLUSIVENESS: To recognise and value the diversity of all expressions of volunteering

Our 2022 Annual Report can be found HERE