Volunteer Marlborough Charitable Trust

Volunteer Marlborough is an independent Volunteer Centre committed to promoting volunteerism and to assisting the residents of Marlborough to find opportunities to become involved as volunteers. We work within the community to strengthen the sector through advocacy, support, and training. Our goal is to ensure that volunteers get the best of their decision to give their time and energy and to ensure that community groups in Marlborough get the volunteers they need. We do our best to match volunteers with organisations where they will have the most impact while getting enjoyment and a sense of 'giving back'.


Available Roles:

Research and write stories about volunteers - half a day once a fortnight at times to suit you!

Membership Support

Help build, strengthen, and foster strong relationships with Volunteer Marlborough's member organisations

Promotional Assistant (Poster Delivery)

Deliver posters to businesses and organisations around Marlborough (primarily Blenheim and Picton). Flexible timing; you choose when!

Promotional Assistant (Flyer Delivery)

Deliver flyers (advertising Volunteer Marlborough) to mail boxes, following a pre-set route. Any locations. FLEXIBLE timing!

Co-Volunteer (for Supported Volunteers)

Support a person who lives with a disability/mental illness to form a support partnership that enables them to volunteer & give back to the community