Youth Mentors

Mentoring can have a powerful and positive influence on the lives of young people (aged 6 - 14) as they grow and transition into adulthood. Youth mentors under the Family Works program develop a one–to–one, non-judgmental, and supportive relationship with a young person in order to enhance their personal and social growth. This relationship is typically developed at a time of transition in the life of the young person and lasts for a significant and sustained period.

Many successful people have had mentors to steer them in the right direction. For example, Steven Adams has credited his success to his mentor Kenny McFadden: "He's helped me out ever since I was 13, ever since I moved here," says Adams. "I couldn't even play basketball, I sucked, and he's got huge patience."
Family Works' aim is to encourage children to make positive choices, to increase their self esteem, and offer different life perspectives, but most importantly have fun

The Family Works program matches mentors with children between the ages of 6 to 14 and this pair then spend time together for an hour a week (or more). Activities can include (but are not limited to): going for a walk or a bike ride, gardening, helping with homework, practising sports, doing crafts, a trip to the cinema, exploring Marlborough, or baking
Youth Mentors are asked to commit for a minimum of one year so the child can experience consistency.

Full training and ongoing support is available.
Next training session: TBC

What we're looking for:

A personal interest in young people
An ability to relate to and understand young people
An ability to develop and maintain a positive relationship with a young person and their family
An acceptance of differing cultural lifestyles and backgrounds.
Volunteers should be aged 16 or older

A drivers' licence is not necessary but will be an advantage

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Able to relate to and understand children.
A personal interest in children and the ability to develop and maintain a positive relationship with the child.
Acceptance of differing cultural backgrounds and lifestyles.
Age: 18 or older
A drivers' license however, this is not necessary but will be an advantage.

A Police background check is required for this role.

Time commitment:

Minimum one hour per week
A commitment to one year of ongoing contact.
Attend monthly supervision, in person or by phone.

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

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