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At Enliven, we recognise that getting older can have its challenges. Finding support during these times can relieve anxiety and stress, and ensure that you keep on enjoying the many aspects of being an older person. Enliven Positive Ageing Services ensure that all older New Zealanders have access to community-based support, be it someone to talk to, activities to join in with or help that will ensure a safe, healthy independence at home. Enliven operates nationally as part of Presbyterian Support. We work with older people of any culture or religion. In the Upper South Island, our focus is community-based support. The Upper South Island is the area north of the Rangitata River to Cook Strait. ***** At Family Works we are child-centred and family-focused. We deliver social services to support children and families to learn, grow and thrive. We offer counselling and social work support for children and families, along with a range of group programmes. We also partner with others to prevent family violence and strengthen communities. Mentoring can have a powerful and positive influence on the lives of young people as they grow and transition into adulthood Our aim is to encourage children to make positive choices, to increase their self esteem, and offer different life perspectives, but most importantly have fun. At Family Works, our focus is on enabling a better New Zealand for all New Zealanders. This will help those most vulnerable in our society, feel safer, stronger and more connected to their communities. To achieve this, Family Works staff work to empower individuals and families to help themselves as they face the challenges of their, often complex, family lives.


Available Roles:
Supporter for Day Programme (Tōtara Club & Homeshare)

Support seniors attending a day program: assist with activities and help serve lunch/refreshments. Alternatively, assist with transporting clients.

Exhibition Coordinator

Be part of a planning & coordination team for a public exhibition 'Celebrating Seniors'

'Digital Story Telling Tech Helper'

Support older people to record personal stories, memories and histories using basic computer technology

Youth Mentors

Mentor children/youth for an hour per week and change their lives forever. Flexible timing.