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We are needing help for many projects relating to Political Goals and Maori Parliament. Helping prepare for a 2 year National Hikoi to promote Maori sovereignty.

Must have computer skills. Task includes writing up course material in viticulture also need people with knowledge of working in the vineyards on all seasons.

Tasks may include some meetings and corporate engagements, developing business plans. Applications should be familiar with swot analysis etc...


Computer skills
Web Designers
Public Relations
Privacy Officer
Health & Safety Planner

A Police background check is required for this role.

Time commitment:

Work own hours. But 4-8 per day or week is good. Can give bonuses later on once we course funding.

Also need to establish food bank so need Public Relations to reach out to business etc..

Food run pick up and food bank deliveries. Somebody must have a car for that we will source petrol vouchers.

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