Envirohub Marlborough

Our Vision - A community focused on sustainability, working together to enhance and protect our Marlborough environment. Our Values: Collaboration - Building strong support networks and strengthening relationships is vital for sustained community engagement and positive change. Inspiration - Leading by example with integrity, enthusiasm, creativity and kindness! Adaptability - We grow and diversify in response to our community and the ever changing world around us. Respect - We care deeply about enhancing and protecting our environment for future generations Envirohub Marlborough is proud to be a member of EHA and one of 15 other environment centres around NZ. Environment Hubs Aotearoa is a Charitable Incorporated Society whose members are independent local community hubs that provide practical support for people to look after themselves, their neighbours and their environment. Allmembers have strong local connections and individual strengths. In 2015 we created a national organisation that allows us to share our vast experience with each other and better empower more New Zealanders to create a thriving and sustainable Aotearoa.


Available Roles:
Hub Assistant

DO YOU HAVE 2-3 HOURS A MONTH TO HELP US?🙏😁🐋🌿 We are on the look out for some fabulous Marlburians who are passionate about protecting our environment and living more sustainably!