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As a values based membership organisation, we ask everyone to commit to a common set of values. These values are inclusive and designed to support young people on their developmental journey. We ask everyone to have respect for themselves and others, as well as the environment. We use this commitment to ensure our members have strong positive working relationships and understand how they connect to the environment. We ask everyone to commit to being trustworthy and tolerant, and to having integrity. For young people this means always doing the ‘right thing’. This value is about encouraging personal responsibility and broader citizenship. Finally, we ask members to commit to accepting challenges with courage and to be a friend to all. This focuses on helping members use bravery to face tough times, as well connecting with people from different communities. We are always looking for Adults who are committed to helping young people reach their best potential. You don’t need to know how to pitch a tent, we can help you learn how to do that!


Available Roles:
Scout Leader (Churchward Park, Blenheim)

Work with the youth of Marlborough to provide a fun and challenging outdoor education program, whilst working towards a prescribed award scheme.