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Lions are ordinary men, women and young people from all walks of life. We are united in our desire to make a difference by contributing our personal time and talents to help other people. We bridge political, economic, religious and social boundaries. Our motto is “We Serve”. We are community volunteers who roll up our sleeves to help young people, the elderly, the ailing, the needy and our environment. In terms of our time on projects and money raised, it is estimated Lions Clubs contribute more than $100 million each year for charitable organisations here and in the Pacific Islands. We are proud that every dollar raised from the public goes to the cause. We do not take a percentage of the money for our own purposes. This makes us distinctly different from other charities and fund raisers. People who live in the community know their communities needs and because Lions Clubs are autonomous, decisions about community projects are made at a grass roots level. Lions projects tend to be very hands on and we actively work alongside organisations that we support. Lions Club members are local service minded people who volunteer to support your community every day. When a group of people join together, roll their sleeves up and take action on projects to make their community better, it’s an incredible feeling for everyone involved. That’s Lions.


Available Roles:
Lions Club Member

Volunteer locally across a range of tasks as a Lion/member of the Lions Club of Seddon.