The Poppy Flight (Project)

The Poppy Flight is a major fundraiser bringing together remembrance and hope for the future. It will encourage our children to remember those who fought for our freedom, many of whom who paid the ultimate price, and encourage them to think about returned servicemen who need our help and support now. It will also encourage them to think about and support children and their families who are dealing with illness and challenges we can only imagine. Our collective fundraising will help The RSA and The Starship Foundation continue to provide the care needed in many areas. The Poppy Flight will also help keep our aviation history alive through the NZ Warbirds Association, without whom the flight would not be possible. The project will run from Armistice Day 11th November 2019 to ANZAC Day 25th April 2021 (extended due to Covid 19) Each day, departing in March 2021, the pilot volunteers will carry the knitted poppy and star on their flight sector, with the town of arrival hosting a welcome party where the local communities and schools can get involved with fundraising at a fun and educational event. There will be the opportunity to add poppies and stars to the original small pieces of artwork so that they grow on the way round, showing nationwide support for the charities. During the flight the poppy and star will spend the weekend at Classic Fighters airshow in Blenheim 2nd to 4th April, before returning to NZ Warbirds, Ardmore. The finished Poppy and Star will be presented along with the donations on ANZAC Day 2021.

Available Roles:
Poppy Knitter / Crocheter

Do you knit or crochet? Join in with a once-in-a-lifetime, nation-wide project supporting Starship, the RSA, and NZ Warbirds? For March 2021