ASB Theatre Marlborough (Marlborough Civic Theatre Trust)

The Marlborough Civic Theatre Trust was formed as a non for profit organisation on 16th November 1974 following the demolition of His Majesty’s Theatre with the principal objective of establishing a new theatre for the Marlborough community to use. After many years of research, planning and community fundraising, this dream was realised with the opening of a new theatre located in the former Farmers Department Store on Arthur St, Blenheim on the 15th February 1985. For 31 years the FloorPride Marlborough Civic Theatre was the arts and entertainment hub for our region, providing a wide and varied range of performing arts and entertainment opportunities for participants and patrons. Now the dream of providing a theatre was further extended when the ASB Theatre Marlborough (which replaces the FloorPride Marlborough Civic Theatre) opened on 16th March 2016. This multi-use and purpose built venue is situated overlooking Blenheim’s Taylor River. It is now operational and provides a key asset within our community with high levels of community use and excellent patron and public support. Vision: To provide a Centre of Excellence for the Performing Arts, and Events in Marlborough Purpose: Enriching life in Marlborough by engaging people in the performing Arts, and Events.

Available Roles:
Electrical Support

We would be very grateful for the assistance of someone with a background in electrical work to assist us with our ongoing Theatre Equipment maintenance regimen. Some of the tasks would suit [....]

Theatre Usher

If you enjoy stage plays, comedy shows, and concerts, this is the role for you! Direct patrons to their seats and get a free peek at the show!