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The Pine Valley Outdoor Centre is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run outdoor education centre based on the northern bank of the Wairau River, 25 minutes from Renwick. Opened in 1983, the centre hosts about 3000 guests per year mostly from school groups and community organisations. The centre was founded on the aspiration to give all children the opportunity to camp in a safe rural environment, build their self-esteem and confidence and, to appreciate local flora and fauna. In recent years, the Pine Valley Outdoor Centre Trust has established (and oversees) pest trapping lines in the area and, with support Marlborough Lines, has begun a 10-year wetland restoration project. The wetland project is designed to give children visiting the camp a hands-on conservation experience and the opportunity to be involved in a project that they will be able to return to in years to come. We are always on the look out for keen volunteers for many different jobs!