Selmes Garden Trust

Selmes Garden Trust is a community trust set up to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the Marlborough region. We are a successfully operating Trust employing 8 people with disabilities and 6 without. A retail Garden Centre specialising in growing’ on-lines’ to provide high quality, good-value plants. The Trust and the people associated with it are fulfilling a role vacated by the IHC. Work and support provided for people with disabilities through a community nursery and garden centre. ‘Passionate People – Great Service’ Operated by a group of motivated people who believe in the ‘reason for being’ and are passionate about providing opportunities for people with disabilities. A community-based workplace and non-profit organisation that works towards increasing their capacity to provide more work and support for more people with disabilities. Selmes provides a huge boost for the self-esteem and worth of all who work there; to enable everyone to feel ‘valued’. Patrons visiting Selmes contribute to this very noble cause through their support in purchasing product from Selmes. Selmes gives the staff and people with disabilities a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

Available Roles:

Do you have building or handyman skills? Selmes Garden Trust would like a lean-to built for storing hay and pea straw at the Selmes Garden Centre. Join this project as an individual or get a SMALL GROUP together!


Attend monthly board meetings as the Secretary, taking minutes. Send out minutes after meetings, and compile agenda for next meeting. Join as a full Board Member/Trustee or stick to the basics as a Minutes Secretary.