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Creative Kids Trust uses music, movement and art to connect with people; strengthen our community, and provide a safe place for vulnerable children to grow and flourish. We believe our passion in the arts can help bring communities together. We are the only non-profit charity in the country offering various arts therapies to children with differences. Just a few short years ago Creative Kids’ inaugural music therapy session was heavily oversubscribed; accordingly we tripled the size of our pilot programme and from the get-go we haven’t looked back. We have fundraised to help more than 100 children in our community and our organisation continues to flourish. We currently have over fifty Creative Kids enrolled in programmes using arts therapy to help children with differences shine.


Available Roles:
Board Members

Are you looking for a unique leadership opportunity? Have you been yearning to put your talent in strategic thinking, financial forecasting, fundraising initiatives or policy advocacy in the service of a great cause? Become our next Board Member!


Are you a budding local cartoonist or illustrator? Creative Kids Trust are looking for a volunteer to create a series of cartoon images for our Community Choir.

Creative Arts - Materials Assistant

The Creative Kids team are looking for volunteers to assist with building creative art boxes and art materials for Creative Art Wellness programs for vulnerable children across Marlborough.

Floral Arrangement

The Creative Kids Trust team are looking for someone to arrange floral bouquets for our Artistic wellness programme.