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The Edwin Fox is the worlds 9th oldest Ship. She is an amazing piece of Maritime and New Zealand History. The Museum tells the story of this great ship and how she came to be in Picton. Then walk aboard the Edwin Fox and feel the history. We are very lucky to have this historic treasure here in Picton that is currently registered as the 9th oldest ship in the world, older than the Cutty Sark and Star of India...(just not as well known)! The Edwin Fox is also the last remaining convict ship that took convicts to Australia, the last surviving ship of The Dunbar Shipping Fleet, once the largest shipping fleet in the world and The Edwin Fox is also registered by The World Ships Trust as the oldest merchant ship in the world!!! It has been around the world a reported 34 times and has played a very important and versatile role in history...convicts, soldiers to the Crimean war, immigrants to NZ, Chinese to Cuba to work the cane fields, tea and beer routes between India and London, opium to San Francisco, it's seen births, deaths, storms and disease!! The Story of the saving of The Edwin Fox is amazing in itself being bought for a shilling by Mr Norman Brayshaw...saving it from a watery grave....come and read the tales for yourself.....