Supporting Families (SF) Marlborough

SF Marlborough supports families, whānau and communities to foster mental wellbeing and plays a key role in the journey to wellness for people whose lives are affected by mental distress. Our vision for the future is that families, whānau and communities feel listened to, supported, equipped and confident in fostering mental wellbeing. We are the organisation people turn to when affected by the impact of mental distress and they have trust and confidence in us to provide accessible, high quality and effective services. SF Marlborough leads innovation and champions change to ensure the meaningful engagement of people with lived experience, families and whānau in shaping the services they need.

Available Roles:
Child/Youth Relief Carer

Provide emergency care for children/youth when their parents/caregivers need to attend medical appointments or urgent matters. Maximum of three hours at a time. Flexible timing.

Home & Garden Assistant

Home and garden assistants help families with cleaning, home maintenance, gardening, etc. when a person or family needs support. Timing is flexible

Board Members Required For Sf Marlborough

Board members are required for Supporting Families (SF) Marlborough