Logo for Hospice Marlborough and Fundraising Shop (Marlborough Hospice Trust) Hospice Marlborough and Fundraising Shop (Marlborough Hospice Trust)

Marlborough Hospices’ mission statement is reflected in our logo – ‘Living every Moment’ Hospice Marlborough’s Values the opportunity… To support and empower the patient and family to participate in their care and decisions regarding their care To assist patients to make the most of life and to ensure that patients die comfortably, with dignity and ideally in the setting of their choice To provide support and care for the family and close friends during the patient’s illness and in bereavement. The Hospice Shop reflects Marlborough Hospice Trust’s vision to have a shop occupying a niche position at the top end of the local charity shops. It operates efficiently and profitably to financially support the hospice. This success is underpinned by careful strategic planning. As a ‘charity shop’, the Hospice Shop is set up specifically to raise funds for the hospice. To do this, staff seek to secure the best return from any donated article. The main shop has expanded and is now double the size it was originally. This allows room for a wider range of goods, bric-a-brac, clothing and larger items of furniture. As part of the expansion a new ‘discount’ shop has been set up next door. All items in this shop are $5 or less. The team are always looking for new volunteers to join them and encourage you to drop in for a chat and a browse around.