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The heart of Tautoko Community Trust is to serve, to support, to encourage, to assist and give comfort. Our mission is to create meaningful connections that encourage, empower and support people through life. We believe that building community is a call to action and our programs aim to support and encourage growth in our local community. Jump 'N' Jive for under 5's is our super fun preschool music program. Full of songs, dance, and actions, Jump ā€˜nā€™ Jive provides a chance for kids to learn rhythm, balance, co-ordination, and basic social skills while giving parents/caregivers a chance to connect over a cup of coffee. Breakfast Club runs 3 days a week, across 2 schools, with more than 100 kids joining us for breakfast each week. Our team serve breakfast for an hour before school; these kids are hungry for toast and hungry to be nurtured. They come for food, for friendships, and for a safe space to hang before school starts. We can bring change to the world if we begin in our own backyard. Take a look at our website and learn more about what we do: www.tautokotrust.org