Logo for Marlborough Community Development Trust Marlborough Community Development Trust

Mission: To create meaningful connections that encourage, empower and support people through life. We aim to: Work with other groups to maximise effectiveness Endeavour to have positive working relationships with all whom we journey with Share our resources and knowledge to better the community Value the role of funders in our work and seek to provide good outcomes Contribute positively to the community Focus on the positives and the strengths of the community for long-term betterment (Asset Based Community Development) Undertake community initiatives with long-term commitment and follow-through Facilitate communities towards healthy independence Recognise diversity and uniqueness in each individual, treating everyone with dignity and respect Value the gifts, abilities and talents that everyone has to offer Recognise the significant contribution that our volunteers make Promote holistic personal growth (spiritual, physical, social and mental) in the lives of staff and stakeholders Confront injustice in a caring way Advocate on behalf of the vulnerable in our community Aid in conflict resolution Support programmes and initiatives, in accordance with the Trust’s values, that bring about equality and opportunity for all Provide services in a professional and competent manner Utilise our resources for the best possible outcome, including a commitment to source the best people with the appropriate abilities for the task at hand Present the highest level of transparency and accountability to our stakeholders Be creative and innovative in our thinking and action