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The Marlborough Multicultural Centre (MMC) was established following the release of the 'Settling in Marlborough' report in October 2006. The 'Settling in Marlborough' project involved consultation with ethnic communities in Marlborough and was initiated by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) working in collaboration with other central and local government agencies. Marlborough was one of the 7 regions chosen to part of this pilot project because of its rapidly changing demographics. The MMC aims to ensure that newcomers and local people can celebrate their diversity in a safe and welcoming environment so that people of all ethnicities feed empowered, with a sense of connectedness and belonging. Our mission is to provide leadership and advocacy in the community to embrace cultural diversity, by navigating responsive services to newcomers, particularly for those who are socially and financially disadvantaged. We recognise diversity in our community. We value collaboration with individuals and other organisations. Tolerance and acceptance are central to our way of working and our community relationships. We participate and integrate into our community and support newcomers to do so too. We recognise and support equality between peoples. We encourage everyone to be part of a smart, connected, and safe communities.