YOUTH WEEK - Volunteer of the Month - Shay Martin

13 May 2021 | News

"Youth Week aims to amplify young people's valuable contributions to their communities. We want Aotearoa to be a country where young people are vibrant and optimistic and are supported and encouraged to take up challenges."

Here at Volunteer Marlborough, we love to hear about young people getting involved in the community so we thought that for Volunteer of the Month for May, we would align with Youth Week and honour some taiohi out there doing the mahi. This is just a small number of the youth out there doing great things, but definitely a great representation!

First up....

Shay Martin

In addition to being employed part-time in a local supermarket since they were 14 and completing their NCEA Level 2 through online learning, Shay also finds time to volunteer their time in various places in the community. As part of the Marlborough Youth Trust Advisory Group for more than two years, Shay has supported multiple big events with prep, attending, and working the events. They are also heavily involved behind the scenes of other groups. Shay co-facilitates Queer Youth Marlborough, helping to provide a safe and supportive environment for the sizeable group of young people that attend. With well over 100 hours of volunteering as a MYTAG, Shay also volunteers time with a national youth Pride group and with Volunteer Marlborough, doing some admin work.

In her nomination for Shay, youth worker Maxine Sweeney says, "Shay is a young and strong youth. They are constantly trying to make the community safer and more kind. This last year they have really stepped up in the work of leadership, volunteering with groups that their story can inspire. They have a great lens for home learning and how we as a community can support ALL youth, no matter their journey. They reason we do what we do is to contribute to our community while connecting with our youth and building their confidence, and Shay is a perfect example of this."