Volunteer(s) of the Month (February) - Jackie & Sue

21 March 2023 | News

Sue stands on the left in a blue shirt with Jackie on her right in a white shirt. Behind them in the Citizens Advice Bureau sign and office

The Volunteer of the Month Award for February 2023 was awarded to Jackie and Sue.

Jackie and Sue are both long-term volunteers at the Citizens Advice Bureau here in Blenheim. In addition to working with any individual who drops in or calls looking for vital information, Jackie and Sue are also responsible for maintaining the Marlborough Community Directory. This can be quite the onerous task given the hundreds of community groups and organisations, businesses, and other contacts that must be regularly followed up to ensure up-to-date information is being given out....and yet they do it with pleasure!

Both of these wonderful ladies can always be found with a big smile and welcoming nature. They are truly passionate about the work that the Citizens Advice Bureau does and love to help anyone who needs it.

When nominating Jackie and Sue for this award CAB coordinator, Nathan Hanson, said, "Not only are these lovely ladies truly passionate about their roles, they really do always give 110%...going above and beyond in both their roles as information officers and interviewers. They are both fabulous volunteers who we would be lost without. Not only do they embody the essence of being a volunteers, they are truly altruistic and value their roles which shines through in their achievements each week."

Thank you, Jackie and Sue, for all that you at the CAB and in the wider Marlborough community!