Volunteer of the Month - Trish & Gary Hilyard

6 October 2020 | News

Volunteer of the Month - Trish & Gary Hilyard

The Volunteer of the Month Award for September 2020 was awarded to Trish & Gary Hilyard. Trish & Gary were nominated the Manager of Marlborough Youth Trust, Jo Lane.

Trish and Gary have been an incredible support to Marlborough Youth Trust, supporting both staff and youth at MYSPACE over the last year. They go along to events and offer their time as volunteers to help in any way they can to ensure that Marlborough Youth Trust events and programmes are fun, safe and well organised.

They are always willing to help with anything that is thrown at them including mending formal dresses, baking, cleaning, helping with BBQs, answering the phones, or just giving general wisdom and encouragement to the staff and trustees at Marlborough Youth Trust working alongside youth.

Jo Lane says, "Trish and Gary are a fantastic asset to Marlborough Youth Trust and the community. We are always pleased to see their happy faces pop into MYSPACE with their enthusiasm".

As a teacher and a primary school principal, Trish and Gary love seeing youth with whom they have had working relationships in the past, "when the youth were shorter". They are respected by the youth and the youth are always pleased to see them. The mentoring and encouragement from Trish & Gary is valued by the young people served by the Trust and they continue to part of the village responsible for raising these young people up.

Trish & Gary are wonderful leaders for Marlborough Youth Trust and the staff, trustees, and young people are thankful for their time, energy, sense of humour, musical abilities, wisdom and support.

"Their experience is priceless for the staff to tap into and we are so lucky they chose to support Marlborough Youth Trust with their time and energy as volunteers" - Jo Lane