Supporting Local Business

31 August 2020 | News

At Volunteer Marlborough, we are all about supporting local. So when we started to think about the kinds of things we could do for our Volunteer of the Month recipients that would be long-lasting, represent Marlborough, and support a local business person - we looked to Ness Watson of Ness Watson Pottery.

We commissioned Ness to make some beautiful pottery cups for us (see picture), complete with custom stamp and they are wonderful! We have already presented one of these and over the coming months you will see them being presented to other deserving volunteers.

You can check out Ness Watson Pottery at:

Thank you, Ness, for the beautiful cups to honour the deserving volunteers of Marlborough!

If you would like to nominate someone who you believe to be an outstanding helper, a great role model, a hard worker, or otherwise exemplary volunteer, please go to: