How VM Can Help Organisations Recruit the Next Volunteer

10 January 2022 | News

Over the last15 years, Volunteer Marlborough has dedicated its volunteer recruitment know-how to helping other not-for-profits and charities to successfully find volunteers that can help them carry out their mission. In all these years, our service has continued to gain momentum, moving with the times, embracing technology, and adapting to the new way of doing things since the introduction of Covid-19 to our shores. We continue to see an increasing need for volunteers and those embarking on a search to find them.

So how can VM help your organisation reach the people across the region that can help build your volunteer team - for FREE?

Register your organisation on VM's website and post your volunteer opportunities:

VM's Current Positions page is home to a huge number of volunteer roles and is what attracts the vast majority of our website traffic. What does this mean for you? It means this page gets a LOT of attention, which makes it a valuable place to recruit your next volunteer.

List your volunteer roles and make sure they include all the important information like responsibilities of the role, location, experience needed, and any other requirements.

Share your volunteer roles through Volunteer Marlborough's social media:

Social media can be one of the fastest ways to spread the call for volunteers. One of the ways VM can help fill these opportunities is by sharing an organisation's call for volunteers on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

To help us spread your message, tag VM ( @VolunteerMarlborough) to be shared on our story! This service helps us to guide potential volunteers directly to your organisation's social media accounts. Don't have Instagram or Facebook for your organisation? Email us your call for volunteers with a high resolution photo and contact information for applicants and we'll work our magic!

Volunteer recruitment can sometimes be a challenge for us all, especially when trying to fill opportunities on short notices. We hope that these couple of things will help your organisation build its volunteer team, eliminating additional stress on how to spread the word.