National Volunteer Week Volunteer - Stella

28 June 2022 | News

For National Volunteer Week | Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu 2022, our team decided to award volunteer awards to a few people to thank them for the fantastic work that they're doing in the Marlborough community. Next up...Stella Machado.

On a day to day basis, Stella works with children professionally and is in the process of setting up a new volunteer-led learning programme for school children. Here's what Andrew Whitt of Churchward Park Scout Group had to say:

How has Stella impacted your organisation?

Stella has been organising the Kea section of our Scout groups since the beginning of 2021. She has been organising the weekly meetings in conjunction with two other leaders, making sure the night is resourced with enough adults for a safe environment, and activities and resources for the youth to experience a fun and educational programme.

Stella's dedication to the 25+ youth members is exemplary. She always goes the extra steps to make sure they are well looked after, and always works hard to volunteer for extra tasks as requested by the Group Leader. Weekly meetings, overnight camps, and handling enquiries from parents and people external to the group is always done in a professional, efficient and accurate manner.

How many hours on average does Stella volunteer with your organisation?

At least 4 hours per week and in the past year likely over 200 hours!

Why do you think Stella's story would inspire others?

Stella's efforts affect dozens of Marlborough youth. Her bright and bubbly nature makes this looks fun, and I'm sure would encourage others to volunteer themselves.

What is the main reason for nominating Stella?

Stella puts in a lot of effort for other people's children (as well as her own) and I think people like this should be recognised and celebrated.

Ka pai, Stella!