Citizens Advice Bureau & Volunteering

25 January 2022 | News

This article was written by Nathan Hanson, Coordinator of Citizens Advice Bureau Blenheim

Volunteering is an attractive idea for migrants and newcomers who have recently arrived in a new country or region. There are many benefits to be enjoyed but, in many cases, there are also real responsibilities involved.

Everyone's reason for volunteering is different. Some people are trying to network for professional reasons, while others are hoping to socialise and meet new friends. Some are attempting to learn new skills and gain experience.

Regardless of the reason, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is perfect to dive into!

You will get to meet amazing people, learn your rights and responsibilities on the job while getting to know Marlborough through the eyes of the people and direct access to the extensive community directory. You'll also be supported by a huge range of resources including a referral database listing more than 3,000 organisations.

Dedicating your time as a volunteer on a regular basis increases your social interactions and therefore helps you develop interpersonal skills. As you feel more comfortable talking to and working with others, you will find your social interactions increasing in all areas of your day-to-day life. Volunteering with the CAB will give you the perfect opportunity to explore your community and engage in positive social interactions, whilst giving back to the community you live in. Within that context, we promote strengths-based principles, quality relationships, youth participation, and good information.

Volunteering with the CAB is incredibly rewarding. On any given day, we could be asked about anything under the sun - from tenancy rights, locating a support group, or having documents signed by a JP to finding out whether a person is entitled to a benefit. We work alongside our clients with the aim of empowering them. At the same time, we aim to give you the skills that could look great when venturing further in your career.