A to Z of Governance

7 December 2023 | News

What kinds of things pop into your mind when you think of Governance?

Oversight, financials, boring meetings?

At the recent wrap-up celebration for the 2023 cohort of the Governance Mentoring programme, we had the chance to ask those in attendance what kinds of things they think of, from A to Z....here is what they had to say:

A - Action
B - Board; Budget
C - Cooperation; Clarity; Community; Constitution
D - Decisions; Direction
E - Effect; Education
F - Funding; Finances
G - Governance
H - Health & Safety; Honesty
I - Information; Integrity
J - Judgement
K - Knowledge
L - Legal
M - Management; Mandate
N - Nous; Non-negligence
O - Opinions; Operations; Openness
P - Principles; Policy & Procedure
Q - Questions
R - Resources; Risk Management
S - Strategy
T - Timeliness; Trust
U - Unity
V - Values; Voice
W - Wisdom
X - XFactor; Xcellence
Y - Youth
Z - Zest; Zen

What words might you add to the list? Email us at mgr@volunteermarlborough.org.nz to make any additions to the list!