WORKSHOP: Sustainable Funding

13 Apr 2021 - 9:30am to 3:00pm

WORKSHOP: Sustainable Funding

Are you sick of scrambling from one funding round to the next?

Would you like your organisation to have a reliable income, but are unsure where to start?

The Sustainable Funding workshop is designed help organisations develop a sustainable funding plan. The workshop is packed with practical ideas that can be easily implemented and it is designed to help organisations develop opportunities that are ‘best fit’ for them.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • The essential first step in creating a Sustainable Funding Plan.
    Have you laid the right foundations and why is it important that you do?

  • The 7 Key Income Streams for Non-Profit Organisations.
    Are you properly aware of your opportunities and are you making the most of them?

  • The difference between donations, sponsorship and grants.
    Are you approaching each one in the right way, and if not, how can you do it differently?

  • Why traditional fundraising activities are still an important part of the mix and how to make them worth your while.

  • Why it’s the same people doing all the work and how you can get more people involved in your fundraising efforts.
    What is stopping people from helping out?

  • How to increase your income by doing what you already do, but by doing it better.
    What are the simple tweaks you can make for the biggest impact?

  • How to develop a sustainable funding plan so you can stop scrambling for cash.

You will have the chance to explore fundraising through donations, sponsorship, grants, contracts, membership, social enterprise and traditional fundraising events, and what combination of those will work best in creating a sustainable plan for your organisation. It may be different than you think.

This workshop will be facilitated by Kerri Price.

Kerri has worked in and for the community sector for over 20 years and was raised in a large family that ‘lived and breathed’ community. Growing up, Kerri’s parents fostered children, provided emergency shelter for vulnerable women, and regularly mentored young people who needed a helping hand. As a result, she can’t imagine working in any other sector.

Kerri has been involved with all sorts of organisations in all sorts of ways. She has worked as a manager, a volunteer and a consultant, and currently volunteers as a trustee for Good Neighbour Aotearoa Charitable Trust. Her passion lies with grass-roots groups who are committed to making a difference, no matter how hard they have to work to make it happen.

Workshop will take place upstairs in the Mahi Room of the MySpace building on the corner of Kinross and Redwood Streets

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