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We are New Zealand’s largest health education provider, supporting the health and wellbeing of children for over 30 years. Life Education is a health-based education programme that aims to empower children to make healthy choices. We offer schools a range of lessons which teachers are able to tailor to suit the needs of the class.

Today children and young people face a lot of challenges, including obesity, substance use, mental health and well-being and bullying. The decisions we make as young people can dramatically affect how we live our lives in the future – and therefore Life Education exists. Through education we help students to understand how decisions they make today can affect their future health and well-being.

Our trust has experienced some changes and requires new members to monitor strategic direction and ensure good stakeholder relations. Meetings and other tasks may involve Trustees time for up to 5 hours a month, depending on what is happening and availability. Within our organisation, our Trustees take on a general governance role and a specialist role in leading an area of our organisation. Any specialisation is typically aligned with the strengths and interests of individuals.

The financial position of the Trust is solid and careful attention is given to ensure funding streams and expenses are appropriately balanced however it would always be great to be able to do more.

As a Trustee, you will assist in the strategic development of the LET Marlborough Charitable Trust, including, but not limited to;
● overseeing policy development,
● support qualified educator on professional development,
● helping set the direction of the organisation,
● ensuring that the services offered are;
(a) Compatible with the mission and objectives of LET Marlborough Charitable Trust, and (b) that these are responsive and relevant to the needs of the wider Community.


We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals with strengths and interest in the following areas:

● Non-profit management
● Business management
● Accounting
● Law
● Education
● Conservation
● Advocacy
● Communications/marketing
● Fundraising
LET Marlborough Charitable Trust regards diversity and inclusion as essential to successfully and sustainably achieving our goals. We expect our trustees to:

● Be committed to the mission and objectives of LET Marlborough Charitable Trust
● Represent LET Marlborough Charitable Trust in a manner consistent with its mission, objectives, and policies
● Regularly assess Trust activities and seek feedback on the Organisation’s and Board’s performance
● Proactively engage in group decision-making and help develop an inclusive sense of shared purpose. Decision-making will be by consensus wherever possible.

We welcome applications from all individuals.

A Police background check is required for this role.

Time commitment:

Meetings and other tasks may involve Trustees time for up to 5 hours a month, depending on what is happening and availability.

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

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