Sheets N Things Volunteer

At Sheets N' Things we pride ourselves in doing everything we can to help the community. Our whole team is comprised of volunteers who dedicate their time to serving those in need. During your time volunteering you will need to do tasks such as:

  1. Helping a client purchase linen.
  2. Sorting through donations.
  3. General upkeep of store (making sure things are in place and look nice!).
  4. Helping with opening or closing the store.
  5. Working with the rest of the team!
  1. Team-oriented.
  2. People-focused.
  3. Small amounts of lifting (nothing heavy).
  4. Handling money (operating the till, etc.)
  5. Friendliness!

A Police background check is required for this role.

Time commitment:

Whatever you would like to commit! Our winter hours are:

Monday: 9am - 3pm
Tuesday: 9am - 3pm
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 9am - 3pm
Friday: 9am - 3pm

Whatever hours of your day you are willing to offer will be of great help to us!

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

Ref: 1321

Apply for this role:

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Demographic information:
Used anonymously for statistics to demonstrate our impact to funders.
Other information (optional):
In applying for this position I confirm that I have read the requirements of the position and believe I have the skills and attributes required to carry out this role safely and effectively.