For audit and review purposes:
• Ensure bank statements are reconciled
• Ensure all cheques are receipted and banked in a timely manner
• Ensure invoices and accounts are issued and up-to-date
• Ensure accounts and payments are approved at the monthly committee meeting and approval notes in minutes or in another written form

Specific for a review:
• Journals are up-to-date
• Statement of financial position – balance sheet actioned
• Statement of performance position – profit and loss
• Asset register up-to-date

Specific for an audit:
• Any supporting documents are included e.g. contracts
• Grants approvals are included
• Lease documents are included
• Create the annual budget, with the President, Vice President and Committee members.
• Manage cash flow, pay the bills and keep track of it all using our Centre’s Xero financial programme. You will need to be at the meetings to present the financial reports and receive approval for payment of expenses.
• Liaise with Membership Officer,Course Coordinator, Events & Fundraising Coordinator, Room Hire Officer, Newsletter Advertising Coordinator, Grants Officer regarding invoices to be sent, payments coming in and going out.
• Work closely with our Grants Officer to help prepare budgets and accountabilities and assist the Centre’s auditor before the AGM.


Proficient with Microsoft Office - in particular Excel spreadsheets, Xero and SBS bank
Previous experience in a financial position is preferred, i.e. accounts, credit management role
A sound understanding of financial information, or a very fast learner is required
Strong attention to detail.

Time commitment:

The time commitment for this role would on average be 4 hours per month, plus meeting preparation and meeting attendance. commitment would increase at the end of financial year and leading up to the AGM
Attendance at the monthly committee meetings and annual AGM is also required
Written report for monthly committee meetings including all payments to be approved

Getting started:
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