Volunteer Position Description Template

Volunteer Position  Description Template

Position Title: _________________________________________________

(Remember the word “volunteer” is a pay category, not a title!  Do not name the position using 'volunteer' in the title)

Description of Project/Purpose of Assignment:

Outline of Volunteer’s Responsibilities or List of Tasks:

(Give potential and limits.)


How will you and the volunteer know that the job is being done well or that the project is successful?

Training and Support Plan:

How will the volunteer be prepared for the work and oriented to the agency? Who will supervise/ be the contact point?


What reports will be expected, in what form and how often?

Time Commitment:

Minimum hours per week/month? On any special schedule? For what duration of time?

Qualifications Needed:

Does the role require any specific skills (can be an particular attitude, communication skills, empathy etc. ) or training?


What will the volunteer get in exchange for service (tangibles and intangibles)?

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