Managers of Volunteers National Project

Managers of Volunteer Project

Volunteering New Zealand leads this national initiative promoting the recognition and professional development of Managers of Volunteers.

A Project Team was established following the Volunteering New Zealand Conference in October 2009, drawing membership from around New Zealand.

The Project aims to strengthen the Community and Voluntary Sector by taking the national lead role in: •    Raising awareness amongst those who influence the delivery of volunteer services about the need for good management of them, and the critical role of Managers of Volunteers in achieving this •    Formalising a learning and development pathway for managing volunteers, with multiple entry points and recognition of prior learning, allowing these skilled practitioners to gain recognition for their study and skills

You can read more about this project by going to Volunteering New Zealand site. Follow the project's blog to keep up to date on idea, initiatives and the progress being made.

Contact the coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on (04) 384 3636

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