Sample Contract for Volunteers

Sample Volunteer Contract /Agreement

(must show organisation’s legal name)

As a volunteer I agree to:

  • abide by and support the philosophy, policy, and guidelines of the organisation
  • act in the best interests of the organisation
  • maintain confidentiality
  • abide by safety and risk management requirements
  • carry out the tasks outlined in the Role Description
  • attend on the agreed time and day or contact …insert name, phone …insert number, if I am not available
  • participate in orientation, meetings, and training (e.g. minimum of ten hours per year required)
  • maintain a record of my volunteer hours and ensure that information is given/posted to  …name,…position, by the due date
  • raise any matters of concern with …name, …position.

(For Volunteer Drivers)

  • use a warranted, registered vehicle when driving for the organisation

The Organisation agrees to:

  • provide information about the organisation
  • provide orientation, support, training and supervision
  • provide a safe working environment
  • provide opportunities for input into the organisational plan and evaluation
  • reimburse for pre-approved expenses
  • acknowledge and recognise the contribution of volunteers to the organisation


Volunteer’s name

----------------------------------------                             ----------------------

Volunteer’s signature                                                                   Date


Volunteer Co-ordinator’s name

---------------------------------------                              ----------------------

Volunteer Co-ordinator’s signature                                                Date

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