When the Role doesn't fit the Volunteer

When The Role Doesn’t Suit The Volunteer

Sometimes this situation arises. What can we do? Much depends on when you realise that the role doesn’t suit and the sooner this happens the better it is for everyone.

How can we ensure we find out as soon as possible?

  • Have clear role descriptions and recruitment criteria
  • Take time and care with the process of volunteer selection
  • Have a trial period before the volunteer makes a final commitment
  • Regular supervision and review of the position
  • Lots of communication and support – involve volunteers in decision-making
  • Listen carefully to feedback from the volunteer and from colleagues and clients

What can we do about it?

  • If a problem arises tell the volunteer as soon as possible
  • Be gentle, supportive, mindful of their feelings/needs, as well as specific and honest
  • Go through a performance review process
  • Discuss it together – ask them what you could do to help them enjoy the position more and do a better job
  • Offer appropriate training.
  • Offer the volunteer an alternative role
  • If necessary give verbal and written warnings as you would for a paid worker
  • If there’s nowhere for them in your organisation, suggest they contact Volunteer Marlborough for other voluntary work
  • Keep your focus on the Mission of your organisation

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