Board Code of Conduct



The (insert organisation name) Board is committed to the adoption of ethical and legal conduct in all areas of its responsibilities and authority.


This policy applies to all Board Members and Contracted Advisers to provide moral leadership in setting the ethical and legal framework for (insert organisation name), recognising that sound Board systems provide protection for the organisation, its stakeholders, the board and its members against fraud, illegal practices and poor performance.


Trustees shall:

  • Act honestly and in good faith at all times
  • Avoid knowingly entering into any arrangement that may create a conflict of interest.
  • Declare all interest that could result in a conflict of interest which could bring the organisation into disrepute (refer Conflict of Interest policy).
  • Attend board meetings giving sufficient time to preparation to allow for full participation in decision making.
  • Avoid deception, unethical practice or any other behaviour that is or may be construed as less than honourable with regard to (insert organisation name) business.
  • Keep confidential all information other than as agreed by the board or as required under law.
  • Abide by board decisions except when invoking a trustees right to pursue review or reversal.
  • Take no action that harms the organisations public image.

The board shall:

  • Ensure appropriate definition and separation of duties and responsibilities between itself and the Manager.
  • Ensure where possible the organisation does not raise stakeholder or community expectations that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Ensure all staff employed including volunteers are provided with a working environment and working conditions that meet all standards of employment defined by workplace legislation.
  • Regularly review its own performance to promote development and quality assurance.
  • Conduct its meetings to ensure full and fair participation of trustees.
  • Ensure that Volunteer Whanganui's assets are protected via a suitable risk management strategy.

Policy will be reviewed annually after sign off date.


__________ [Chairman/Secretary]      DATE passed/reviewed by Board  _______

__________ [Committee Member]

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