Board Conflict of Interest


STATEMENT: The (insert organisation name) Board places great importance on making clear any existing or potential conflicts of interest for its members. All such conflicts of interest shall be declared or documented in the board’s ‘Declaration of Conflicts of Interest’ form.

APPLICATION: This applies to all members of the Trust Board and will be renewed as individuals circumstances change and/or on an annual basis.

PROCEDURE: Accordingly:

  1. any business or personal matter which is, or could be, a conflict of interest involving the individual and their role and relationship with the organisation must be declared and registered in the Declaration of Conflicts of Interest form.
  2. all such entries shall be presented to the board and minuted at the first board meeting following entry on the form.
  3. where a conflict of interest is identified and/or registered, the board member concerned shall not vote on that issue. Only with the unanimous agreement of all other members present may the member concerned participate in any board discussion on that topic. Failing such agreement being reached, the individual shall either refrain from participation or leave the room;
  4. when the chair is aware of a real or potential conflict of interest involving one or more board members, the chair must take whatever steps necessary to ensure that the conflict is managed in an appropriate manner according to this policy; and
  5. individual board members, aware of a real or potential conflict of interest of another board member, have a responsibility to bring this to the notice of the board.

Policy will be reviewed annually after sign off date.
__________ [Chairman/Secretary]   DATEpassed/reviewed by Board  _______

__________ [Committee Member]

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