Job Description Vice chair

This is an example of a ROLE DESCRIPTION: VICE CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD. Please feel free to modify it to suit your organisation.

The Board of Trustees bears legal authority and responsibility for the (name of organisation).

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Trust Board and the Membership of (insert organisation name)

FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Between Board meetings, the Vice Chairperson is responsible to the Board for carrying out her/his duties. S/he will consult closely with the Chairperson to ensure the Manager/Coordinator is fully informed on all Board matters relating to (insert organisation name) and will work with the Chairperson and the Manager/Coordinator on any matters relating to staff, paid or voluntary. The Vice Chairperson can be an ex-officio member of any standing or ad-hoc Board Committees. The Vice Chairperson has the right of access, at suitable times, to all material relating to Board of Trustee functions, and may have access to agency or client records of a confidential nature with authorisation of the Chairperson and the Trust Board. Access to management and administrative details should be through the Chairperson and the Manager at a suitably convenient time.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To provide assistant leadership to enable the Chairperson, the Trust Board and (insert organisation name) to meet the organisation's aims and objectives.


1 To assist the Chairperson in ensuring that the agreed tasks and functions of the Board are carried out.

2 To preside at meetings of the Board when the Chairperson is not present and ensure that the decisions made are in line with the aims and objectives of (insert organisation name) .

3 To support the Chairperson in their role, taking over some of the Chairpersons work load when necessary or when asked to.

4 Alongside the Chairperson, to represent (insert organisation name) in the community and promote its aims and ideals.

5 With the Chairperson, establish and maintain harmonious relationships with Board members and the Manager, and to encourage effective communication between the organisation and the community.

6 To ensure that the Board maintains its emphasis on policy matters and that the authority delegated to any standing committees or staff is properly observed.

RESOURCES: The Chairperson, The Board members and the manager are available for advice and assistance. The agency will provide administrative support.

TIME COMMITMENT: Approximately 4 -6 hours per month, including Board meetings.

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