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This is an example of a Role Description: SECRETARY OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Please feel free to modify to suit your organisation


This document is to be read in conjunction with the Board of Trustees Job Description.

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Trust Board and the Membership of (insert organisation name)

Organisation Key Tasks:

1. Ensuring all relevant papers is available and distributed on time to Trustees for all board meetings and any other occasion.

2. Ensuring a Minute Secretary is available for all Board of Trustees meetings.

3. Ensuring all legal requirements and obligations are compiled with in association with the Board and relevant staff

4, Ensuring all official Board records are duly maintained.

Results required:

That (insert organisation name) records are duly maintained.

Meeting Key Tasks:

1. Ensure that the Minute Secretary prepares a draft copy of the Board of Trustees meeting Minutes for the Chairperson within one week following Board meetings.

2. Oversee distribution of Minutes and accompanying papers at least one week before Board meetings

3. Ensure that any correspondence is undertaken.

4. Be available to sign documents, which require the signature of a Secretary.


The Secretary is directly responsible to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.

Consult and confirm with the Centre Manager concerning the availability of a suitable volunteer to be the Minute Secretary of Board of Trustees meetings.

Confirm with the Minute Secretary the requirements for recording the Minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings and expectations for completion of same.

Confirm with the Centre Manager the distribution of Minutes and accompanying papers at least one week before the Board of Trustees meetings.


The Chairperson is available to the Secretary for advice and assistance.

The Centre Manager is available for assistance and administrative support.

The Secretary has the right to free access to all records relating to Board of Trustees functioning and agency records, but does not have access to agency client records of a confidential nature.


Approximately four (4) to eight (8) hours monthly, of which two (2) hours will be required for Board meetings.

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