Job Description Treasurer

This is an example of a ROLE DESCRIPTION: TREASURER. Please feel free to modify to suit your organisation

The Board of Trustees bears legal authority and responsibility for (insert organisation name)


The Treasurer is the Board representative who provides leadership and advice to the organisation and support to the Manager/Coordinator in financial affairs.

Functional Relationships


• The Board, the Finance and Funding sub-Committee and the Manager. Between Board meetings, responsible to the Chairperson.


• The Auditor

Key Tasks

1 Ensure that relevant monthly financial information is prepared for presentation to the Board. Such information is to include comparisons with Budgets and forecasts indicating the current and future financial well-being of (insert organisation name) and a list of payments made since the previous report for approval by the Board.

2 Ensure that the Annual Financial Accounts are prepared prior to Audit.

3 Chair meetings of the Funding and Finance sub-committee (if required)

4 Financial Planning

• In conjunction with the Chairperson and the Manager, prepare and present an annual Budget.

• As part of the Strategic and Long-term Planning processes, provide advice and assistance in the development of financial strategies in order to ensure that the organisational objectives are realistic and achievable.

5 Carry out, where necessary, internal audit procedures.

6 Advise and be aware of Banking arrangements, including the establishment of Bank accounts and Term Deposit facilities.

7 Advise and assist with the establishment of efficient financial systems.

RESOURCES: The Chairperson, The Board members and the Manager are available for advice and assistance. The agency will provide administrative support.

TIME COMMITMENT: Approximately 6 -10 hours per month, including Board meetings.

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