Job Description Board/Trustee member

This is an Example  for TRUST BOARD MEMBER'S ROLE DESCRIPTION.  Please feel free to modify to suit your organisation. 

The Board of Trustees bears legal authority and responsibility for the Centre.

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Board Chairperson, the other Trust Board members and the Membership of the Organisation.

FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Between General Meetings, Board members are directly responsible to the Chairperson of the Board for the carrying out of their duties. On some special projects, or in an advisory capacity, Board Members will work directly with the Manager. Members are expected to treat all matters relating to operations (management, administration and staffing both volunteer and paid) as confidential to the organisation, to report directly to the Chairperson on matters relating to the Board and to approach the Manager for information on matters relating to management and administration. Board members have the right to free access, at suitable times, to all records relating to Board functioning, but do not have access to agency or volunteer client records of a confidential nature. Access to agency, management, and administration details must be through the Chairperson and the Manager at a suitably convenient time. Board members should not directly discuss operations of the Trust with media but should refer all enquiries to the Chairperson or Manager for comment.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To plan future directions for (insert organisation name) development and establish policies, and to ensure services offered are compatible with the vision, definition and mission of (insert organisation name) and also appropriate, effective and relevant to the changing needs of the wider community.


Board Members are expected to:

Be committed to the vision, definition and mission of (insert organisation name) .

Relate (insert organisation name) role to the social, economic, environmental trends that will take it the future.

Represent (insert organisation name) in a manner consistent with its vision, definition, mission and policies.

Develop and maintain healthy relationships among member agencies and others Regularly scrutinise Board activities and seek feedback on the Board's performance.

Encourage group decision-making and sense of shared purpose. Decision-making will be by consensus wherever possible.

Have skills and experience in policy-making within the voluntary sector.

Have a sense of humour and assist in making Board meetings enjoyable.


• To attend and participate fully and openly in monthly Board meetings including the Annual General Meeting.

• To prepare for Board meetings by reading the minutes, agenda and other relevant papers circulated before a Board meeting.

• To raise ideas and concerns, and suggest priorities consistent with the vision, definition and mission of (insert organisation name) .

• To ensure all the organisation's objectives are being addressed.

• To take an active interest in (insert organisation name) through participation in events, workshops and subcommittees.

• To be aware of and understand the policies of (insert organisation name) .

• To understand, respect and support the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and the Manager and other staff of (insert organisation name) .

• To respect, provide support and regular feedback for new and existing members of the Board of (insert organisation name) .

• To make areas of interest and expertise known to other Board members and staff.

The expected time commitment is 3 -4 hours per month.

RESOURCES: The Chairperson, The Board members and the manager are available for advice and assistance. The agency will provide administrative support.

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